Tired of constantly rolling back your .NET releases?

What if you could deploy first time, everytime?

Accelerate Deployments, Bringing New Features to Market Faster

Big release day takes site down

Your Development team have been toiling for the last 2 months.

They have all the best features that you’ve been dreaming of for the past 6 months.

It’s been tested and signed off. Everyone is excited about this release. It’s the buzz of the office.

Deployment package and instructions get emailed to the Operations team. This is the first time they’ve heard about it.

Boom, bang, bugs!!!

All hell breaks loose and there’s a mad panic to roll back the release.

You’ve now missed your deployment window.

Back into Development to fix the bugs, and wait for your deployment window again. Which could be days, or even weeks (depending on the bugs).

Was it even a bug? Or just an issue with the environment? Or a mistake with the manual process.

You’ve wasted the time of your Operations, Testers, Developers and everyone in between. You’ve missed the new feature, and maybe even your customers experienced downtime.

The excitement has been extinguished, and replaced with tired and everyone is pissed off. Including the “furious marketing team” who are waiting on the deployment too.

Your last 5 releases have all had to be rolled back and even the rollback is now unstable.

“60% of application failure & downtime are related to releases despite 75% of IT operation time spent on release management.”

- Forrester Research

Imagine on the day of release you deploy at the click of a button, and everything just works.

Imagine on the day of go-live, you have already released using the exact same procedure 1000 times. You’ve deployed this release to an exact replica test environment hundreds of times in the past week alone.

You have tested and improved this release procedure and are confident that it will succeed.

It takes fewer people to push the release live and it’s completed in a fraction of the time.

(And if there is an issue with the release? You can roll back in seconds instead of hours.)

“High-performing IT teams deploy code 30 times more frequently than their peers, and 200 times faster (measured in the time required to go from “code committed” to code successfully running in production).”

— PuppetLabs State of DevOps 2015

The way to begin solving all this is through increasing and scaling out the degree of automation that’s happening internally.

Once your company if fully engaged with having these streamlined automated processes, a lot of the anguish and a lot of the issues that your going through now will start to go away.

Owen is a first class technical professional with the ability to understand project objectives and distil these into deliverables which add the value required, while ensuring technical achievability within known constraints. Owen is comfortable working with all levels of stakeholder to ensure the project remains focused yet adaptable to change. Owen has a deep understanding of agile working practices with a natural ability to coach others and bring them with him in raising the level of agile maturity within the team. On top of all this Owen is a very positive person and great fun to work with.

Dermot O Connor

Managing Director - Really Cool Stuff Ltd

Companies that have included automation in their deployment practices have experienced:

  • Reduce new features time-to-market–- According to PuppetLabs State of devops 2015, 200 times faster.
  • Adapt to internal and external influences quicker.
  • Remove manual, error-prone tasks – allowing your team to concentrate on the quality of the service.
  • Consistent environments.
  • Improved productivity and greater collaboration.
  • A reduction in time spent fixing and maintaining applications.
  • Improved quality and performance of your applications.
  • A reduction in spend on development, testing and operations.
  • Unlock cost savings offered by cloud platforms.


Release Management Transformation Roadmap

The best way to get moving is to figure out where you currently are and where you need to be heading.

We work with you to produce a Release Management Transformation Roadmap, which will give you all the knowledge of what the steps are.

An automation specialist will interview you and your team, and really dig into your company’s processes.

We will look into your current deployment practices, interview you and your team to learn about the short comings of your current setup.

We’ll put together a comprehensive start to finish Roadmap, which lays out exactly how you can begin to take advantage of the benefits of ramping up the level of automation that’s in your business.

This plan will firstly be based around getting the low hanging fruit, which will free your team up from those manual tasks that take up huge amounts of their time. We want you to see benefits as quickly as possible!

Secondly it will include the full strategic plan, which will lead you down the path to get to full autonomy.

Book your free deployment process assessment

An automation specialist will call you for an initial 30 minute consultation.

We will find out more about your business and see if we’re a good fit.

We want to make sure that we can massively over deliver value for you.


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