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Odity is a software consultancy founded in 2009. Specialising in custom software development and the automation of deploying .NET applications.

We do have some core principles that have helped us along the way:

  • Odity is an independent company. We’ve never taken venture capital, have no debt, and it’s going to remain that way for as long as we're in business.
  • Odity is a durable company. We believe firmly in creating something stable, modest, and profitable that will last us for the rest of our lives. Odity’s overhead is low, and we structure the business to provide stable revenue whenever possible. (In the tech industry, these ideas may as well be heresy.)
  • Odity is a development company. It was founded by a developer. We're business owners, but our senior consultant is still fundamentally a developer, and as such we approach all our work from this problem-solving mindset. Much like being a car guy, when you're born a developer, you don’t get much choice in the matter.
  • Odity is a patient company. Built on strong relationships with a carefully chosen inner circle of clients. If you’re in the tech industry to make a quick buck, or if you have an “immediate need” for help, run screaming from this page as fast as you can. Any relationship fundamentally requires time and patience, and we do everything we can to slow down and think carefully about who we work with (and what we put into the world together.)

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Owen Davies

Founder & CTO

I have been working in software development for over 16 years, during that time I have worn many hats. I have worked as a Software Engineer, Architect, Agile Coach and Trainer. I’ve created teams, I’ve lead teams, but my main goal is to help teams build great software and enjoy the process.

Owen is a first class technical professional with the ability to understand project objectives and distil these into deliverables which add the value required, while ensuring technical achievability within known constraints. Owen is comfortable working with all levels of stakeholder to ensure the project remains focused yet adaptable to change. Owen has a deep understanding of agile working practices with a natural ability to coach others and bring them with him in raising the level of agile maturity within the team. On top of all this Owen is a very positive person and great fun to work with.

Dermot O Connor

Managing Director - Really Cool Stuff Ltd



Founded in 2009, Odity is a software consultancy based in the United Kingdom.

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